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Cybersecurity Services

Bad actors, beware. Keep your organization on the offensive with RISCPoint’s comprehensive suite of cybersecurity and penetration testing services. 

Penetration Testing

Put your cybersecurity to the test with RISCPoint’s suite of penetration testing services. 

Penetration testing plays an instrumental role in any cybersecurity program, protecting systems against attacks and saving your organization from exponential damages and liability.

Like organizations themselves, penetration testing comes in all shapes and sizes. The one thing in common? All are simulated cyberattacks against an application, network environment, or entire organization to check for existing and exploitable vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations. 

RISCPoint offers unique penetration services to accommodate every business case, need, and objective. 

Network Penetration Testing (Internal & External) 

RISCPoint's network penetration tests discover and validate vulnerabilities in your internal and internet-facing environments and information systems. Our experienced consultants employ automated and manual techniques to identify weaknesses in your networks.

Continuous Penetration Testing

Our experts offer continuous, threat intelligence-led testing, which allows for the identification and remediation of new vulnerabilities faster than ever before. Our continuous penetration testing platform allows for a complete real-time picture of your organization’s attack surface and existing threats.

Compliance-Focused Penetration Testing

RISCPoint tailors penetration tests to your organization's specific compliance requirements. Many compliance frameworks have specific testing guidance and conditions, including SOC 2, PCI, CMMC, FISMA and FedRAMP. We ensure our tests
meet the specific requirements of your compliance frameworks and regularly consult with our compliance team for continued success.

Cloud Penetration Testing

While cloud platforms mitigate some common vulnerabilities, they also pose unique security risks. RISCPoint’s security consultants offer specialized expertise in protecting your cloud environment. We identify general and cloud-specific vulnerabilities in your
AWS, Azure, or GCP cloud environment and help you improve your overall cloud security. Our consultants also evaluate cloud service configurations, as well as identity and access management policies to identify misconfigurations that can lead to significant security impact.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing focuses on exploiting wireless networks. Evaluating your wireless footprint can identify configurations that need strengthening, along with any vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker access to your network.

Whether this is your organization’s first penetration test, or your company performs regular security assessments, our consultants will work with you to identify vulnerabilities efficiently and remediate them quickly.

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