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Are You Compliant with SEC Regulation S-K Item 106?

If you are a publicly traded company, you are required to disclose your cybersecurity risk exposure in your filings as of  Q3 2024. Let RISCPoint help you meet these critical filing requirements.

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SEC Regulation S-K Item 106

SEC Regulation S-K Item 106 requires publicly traded companies to comprehensively disclose their cybersecurity risks and any incidents that could materially affect their financial condition or operational performance. This regulation underscores the importance of cybersecurity in risk management and aims to provide investors with a clear view of the company's cybersecurity posture and how it manages cybersecurity threats. The regulation applies to CFOs, financial professionals, and the board of directors of publicly traded companies, emphasizing their role in integrating cybersecurity risk management into corporate governance and financial reporting.

How We Support Success

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Assess Cyber Risk

RISCPoint begins by conducting a thorough assessment of your company's cybersecurity risks. This process involves an inventory of all information systems, identifying potential cybersecurity threats, and evaluating the likelihood and impact of these threats. Our team determines your inherent risk and evaluates the effectiveness of existing controls to pinpoint areas of high residual risk. This foundational assessment allows us to develop a customized strategy for enhancing your cybersecurity posture in line with SEC Regulation 106.

Assess Cyber Risk
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Disclose Cyber Risk to Investors

Transparency in disclosing cyber risks to investors is crucial under SEC Regulation 106. RISCPoint guides you in crafting detailed disclosures that accurately represent your cybersecurity risk exposure and incident management capabilities. Our expertise ensures that these disclosures not only comply with SEC mandates but also reinforce investor trust by clearly communicating how risks are identified, assessed, and mitigated.

Disclose With CAre
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Report Risk to the Board

Effective governance involves detailed reporting on cybersecurity risks to the board of directors. RISCPoint aids in establishing robust reporting mechanisms that detail the board's oversight of cybersecurity risks, including the identification, assessment, and management processes. Our approach ensures that the board is well-informed and actively engaged in cybersecurity governance, fulfilling SEC requirements and enhancing overall corporate governance frameworks.

Report with Purpose
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Manage Cyber Risk

Managing cyber risk is a dynamic process that requires ongoing attention and adaptation. RISCPoint supports your company in describing and implementing methods for managing cybersecurity risks. This includes engaging with third-party service providers when necessary, implementing cybersecurity controls, and monitoring the effectiveness of these controls. Our management strategies are designed to mitigate identified risks effectively and demonstrate to the SEC and investors that your company is.

Manage cyber Risk

The RISCPoint Advantage

Dual Expertise in Cybersecurity and Finance
RISCPoint's unique team comprises not only seasoned cybersecurity experts but also Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), providing a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and financial aspects of SEC regulations.

Humanized Approach to Compliance
We understand the complexities of navigating the compliance processes. Our team of experts provides clear, empathetic guidance every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and understandable path to compliance.

Expert Engagement
From your initial interaction to the conclusion of your project, you'll work directly with our subject matter experts, bypassing sales reps. This ensures that every conversation is rich with insights and directly contributes to your strategic objectives.

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