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Our WCAG/Section 508 services ensure your digital assets are accessible and compliant, meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508 standards for inclusivity and equal access.

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WCAG • Section 508

Ensure your digital content is universally accessible with our services tailored to meet WCAG and Section 508 standards. Enhance user experience and comply with accessibility laws, making your website welcoming to all.

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An audit for WCAG and Section 508 compliance typically involves a comprehensive review of a website or digital content to ensure it meets accessibility standards. The goal of the audit is not only to identify where a website falls short of compliance standards but also to guide the necessary adjustments to make digital content accessible to everyone.

Automated Testing: Using specialized software to scan the website for compliance with accessibility standards, identifying issues like missing alt text for images, insufficient color contrast, and lack of keyboard navigation.
• Manual Evaluation: Experts manually navigate the site using various assistive technologies (like screen readers) and check against WCAG and Section 508 guidelines to catch issues that automated tools might miss.
• Reporting: Compiling the findings into a detailed report that highlights compliance gaps and provides recommendations for remediation.
Remediation Guidance: Offering solutions and best practices to address identified issues, ensuring the website becomes fully compliant. Stay ahead of the curve with early access to the latest AWS innovations and technologies. Our close partnership means we can help you leverage new AWS services and features to drive efficiency and innovation in your cloud environment.

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VPAT Reporting

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is a document that provides a detailed analysis of how a product or service conforms to the accessibility standards under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, WCAG guidelines, and other international accessibility standards. It serves as a self-disclosure tool to inform potential buyers about the accessibility features of their products. VPATs play a crucial role in procurement processes, especially within government agencies.

Evaluation: The product is thoroughly evaluated against the applicable accessibility standards to determine how well it complies with each criterion.
• Documentation: For each standard, the VPAT includes a section where compliance is detailed. This can range from full compliance to partial compliance or non-compliance, with notes explaining the product's current accessibility features and any planned improvements.
• Transparency: The completed VPAT provides an honest, transparent account of a product's accessibility, allowing procurement officials and decision-makers to understand how the product can support users with disabilities.
• Updates: As products evolve and improve, the VPAT should be updated to reflect any changes in accessibility compliance.

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