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Our Methodology

Security and compliance, made human.

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We understand not all customer objectives are created equal. We will have a conversation with you and your team to help you identify your compliance objectives.


We aim to understand the why behind your compliance objectives. Understanding the why behind your objectives allows us to build a program roadmap to not only successfully achieve those objectives but maintain them long term.


We do not utilize a standard playbook from client to client. We will design a customized program to meet your objectives in a successful and sustainable way.


From identifying areas of improvement, to designing and implementing solutions, to coordinating with your external assessor, we are with you every step of the way. Our workshop-based, collaborative approach will provide you with holistic support in implementing a program that enables your team to meet your objectives.


We want our engagement to enable your long-term success. By designing and implementing a program that is bespoke to your business, we ensure that the program is maintainable and tailored for your team.

At RISCPoint, our methodology is built on a foundation of collaboration, customization, and long-term success. We've designed a process to help organizations like yours effectively navigate the complexities of compliance and security. Through each stage, we work closely with you to understand your unique goals, design tailored solutions, and create a sustainable program to ensure continued success.

Modern Architecture

“RISCPoint has played a critical role in maturing our organization, and because of their team's work, we were able to maximize our valuation in our most recent funding round”.

Paul Jessee, Founder and CEO, ChoiceLegal

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