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Privacy Services

Keep your data under lock and key with RISCPoint’s suite of Privacy services. We’ll lead you through the certification process, and then we’ll help you maintain it.


Working with residents of the European Union? Looking to expand to European markets in the near future? Take the guesswork out of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and protect yourself from potential penalties with RISCPoint’s team of industry-leading experts. 


Using our proprietary workshop approach, RISCPoint will work with your team to conduct an exhaustive readiness assessment and gap analysis, wherein all business knowledge gained will be used to understand the current data privacy environment, compared against the GDPR articles. As a result, a listing of gaps and suggested remediation steps will be provided. 


A GDPR audit consists of two phases: prep and defense. Rest assured, we’ll be with you from beginning to end.

We’ll work to perform a preliminary assessment of the implemented data privacy controls to ensure any gaps are identified and remediated prior to audit field work. Then, we’ll provide hands-on support during the audit itself, including an extensive review and submission of evidence. RISCPoint is also happy to attend fieldwork meetings to respond to questions on your behalf.

Continuous Monitoring

GDPR compliance today doesn’t guarantee compliance tomorrow. Post-audit, RISCPoint will remain on standby to ensure you’re continuing to meet all GDPR requirements and safeguard your organization from ever-changing regulations. This will consist of performing periodic audits, whereby governing documentation (such as policies, procedures, and data mapping/inventories) and processes are reviewed and tested to ensure they are both accurate and being executed.

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