Security and Compliance for SMBs: RISCPoint Shares their Expertise on the Cloudy with a Chance of AWSome AWS Podcast

May 1, 2024

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Security and compliance are paramount concerns for businesses of all sizes, however, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in particular, face unique challenges in navigating these complex topics while striving for innovation and growth.  On the latest Cloudy with a Chance of AWSome podcast episode “Security & Compliance for SMBs”, RISCPoint’s CEO, Jake Nix, and COO, Matt Drewyor, explore how RISCPoint and AWS are reshaping the security and compliance landscape for SMBs with podcast hosts Hayden Chase Kuzma and Benjamin King, SMB Account Managers at AWS.

Listen to the full Podcast here [] or check out the highlights of the conversation below.

Mission of Trust: Transforming Checkbox Compliance to Genuine Commitment
"Our mission as a company in terms of our capabilities is to bring back that trust-focused security. In an industry where compliance often becomes a mere checkbox, we stand out by offering comprehensive solutions that go beyond regulatory requirements." - Jake Nix, CEO, RISCPoint

At RISCPoint, we're not your traditional security and compliance firm; we're a trusted ally in an industry fraught with complexity. Our mission is to combat the checkbox mentality plaguing the security and compliance landscape. As a FedRAMP and StateRAMP 3PAO, we're more than just certified experts; we're dedicated to restoring trust-focused security. We believe in empowering SMBs to thrive securely, by providing personalized support and breaking free from the checkbox mindset, we're reshaping the narrative for SMBs and restoring trust in security, one client at a time.  

Navigating the SMB Space: Where Innovation Happens
"For me, SMB is where a lot of innovation happens, right? And that's what excites us to work in the SMB market. You have a lot of thinkers and folks that are pushing the envelope.” - Jake Nix, CEO, RISCPoint

For RISCPoint, our SMB clients represent a hotbed of innovation and potential. We believe that SMBs are not small players but more often the pioneers driving industry change. By offering tailored solutions and understanding each client's unique objectives, RISCPoint empowers SMBs to achieve their goals securely and efficiently. Our focus on custom-tailored solutions ensures that every client receives personalized support aligned with their unique business goals and objectives.

Common Misconceptions: Too Small / Too Early

“We hear a lot that we're either too early in our journey or too small of a company to start looking at security and compliance. And the misconception there is the earlier you start, the smaller you are, the easier it is to ingrain that in your culture as you scale and continue to grow.” – Matt Drewyor, COO, RISCPoint

When supporting SMBs, our team of experts at RISCPoint has often encountered common misconceptions regarding security and compliance. One re-occurring misconception is that compliance is only relevant for larger enterprise organizations. At RISCPoint, we firmly believe it’s never too early for SMB’s to prioritize security, as building a strong foundation early can facilitate future scalability and growth. Another prevalent myth is that implementing rigorous processes will hinder SMBs agility and innovation. However, we have seen that effective compliance frameworks can enhance operational efficiency and product quality, rather than impede on them.

Services Tailored for SMBs: Cybersecurity and Compliance, Made Human

“We are not going to have a playbook that we force on clients… We build engagements and projects that meet our customers' objectives specifically in a way that's most effective and efficient for them.” - Matt Drewyor, COO, RISCPoint

Our experts at RISCPoint provide custom tailored strategy and hands-on implementation to meet each client's unique requirements and goals in frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HITRUST, FedRAMP, and CMMC. With our commitment to seamless integration and client-centric solutions, RISCPoint is dedicated to helping SMBs achieve their objectives by leveraging our highly skilled professionals with extensive technical and operational expertise that understand the nuances of navigating the path to compliance in an effective and sustainable way. Our virtual team’s experience stands out as a game-changer for SMBs lacking dedicated security resources. By providing access to a team of experts, SMBs can benefit from top-tier security and compliance support without the overhead of hiring a full-time CISO. Additionally, our vulnerability management and penetration testing services offer invaluable insights into potential risks, empowering SMBs to proactively address vulnerabilities and strengthen their security posture.

Next Steps for SMBs: Foundational Risk Assessment

“I just really can't highlight this enough for our listeners… starting with that risk assessment, that's huge. That gives our customers (SMBs) an ability to understand their business and where any shortcomings may be.” – Hayden Chase Kuzma, SMB Account Manager, AWS

For SMBs looking to enhance their security and compliance posture, at RISCPoint we suggest starting with a strategic approach. Understanding their market strategy and defining organizational objectives are crucial first steps. Additionally, conducting a Foundational Risk Assessment can provide a holistic view of existing vulnerabilities and guide the implementation of targeted controls. By partnering with RISCPoint, SMBs can embark on a journey towards robust security and compliance, tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

Final Thoughts

As SMBs continue to drive innovation and reshape industries, the importance of comprehensive security and compliance practices cannot be overstated. RISCPoint's expertise and custom tailored solutions offer a beacon of hope for SMBs navigating the complexities of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. By prioritizing trust-focused security and building meaningful, long lasting relationships, RISCPoint is empowering SMBs to thrive in our rapidly evolving threat landscape.

RISCPoint Services

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Enterprise Compliance
• SOC 2
• ISO 27001, 27017, 27018
• HIPAA (NIST 800-66)
• HIPAA Business Associate Governance
• Privacy (CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, ISO 27701, etc.)
• WCAG 2.1, VPAT, and ADA
Public Sector
• StateRAMP
• NIST 800-171
• NIST 800-53
Cybersecurity Defense
• Red Teaming
• Penetration Testing
• Ransomware Assessments
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Incident Response Program
• Application Security
• Security Engineering
Risk Management
• Risk Assessments
• Vendor Management
• Virtual Compliance Team
• Virtual Executive Team (CISO, ISSO, CIO, CTO)
• Plan Simulations (Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Incident Response)

About RISCPoint
RISCPoint Advisory Group is an industry leader in providing custom-tailored security and compliance services. Founded with the vision to seamlessly integrate with teams, while utilizing only high-performing professionals with deep technical and operational expertise, RISCPoint has successfully served companies ranging from Fortune 10 to pre-Series A startups. To learn more, visit or call (888) 320-1327.


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