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What is a vCISO, and Do I Need One?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Every organization needs a strong security foundation and compliance posture - regardless of size or industry.

While security encompasses the technical defense of the company’s products, platform, and network, compliance addresses specific laws, such as HIPAA, or an external validation against a standard for frameworks, like NIST or SOC 2.

The steward of this key infrastructure? The Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO.

A CISO’s role has arguably never been more important. In the wake of the 2019 Equifax and Facebook data breaches, the Federal Trade Commission drew a line in the sand. Protecting consumer data needed to be priority number one, and not doing so would have dramatic repercussions - not only from a financial standpoint but from a reputational one as well. Consumers, whether prospective or existing, have to come to expect a certain level of compliance maturity.

Of course, not anyone can be a CISO. A good CISO will have an intimate understanding of compliance knowledge and can masterfully balance security and compliance measures against key business objectives. This not only makes finding a good CISO hard to find, but it can also make them very expensive. The solution? A virtual CISO, or vCISO.

What is a vCISO?

A virtual CISO is a compliance and security officer who offers the same expertise and services as an in-house CISO, albeit virtually. By doing so, they’re able to offer their time and insights on-demand, as needed.

What are the benefits of a vCISO?

CISOs are the security side of the house. While many security leaders often only provide the strategic plan and direction for an organization, companies also need an officer who understands the compliance half of the equation. Using a vCISO with expertise in both is an excellent option for organizations seeking to minimize their headcount, while meeting key security objectives via outsourced compliance. To put it simply, vCISOs make sure to maintain compliance goals, help improve and mature cybersecurity hygiene, and, ultimately, represent yourself and your company in the best light to current and prospective customers.

How is a RISCPoint vCISO different?

With RISCPoint, you don’t get just a vCISO. Organizations have access to our entire staff directory and spectrum of expertise, as needed, beyond just a CISO advisory. Our team of experts is not only able to independently ensure organizations can protect their data but also intimately understands the specific compliance principles and regulations companies must adhere to. This includes, but certainly isn’t limited to:

- Cybersecurity Leadership

- Policy Development

- Cybersecurity Standards

- Operational Security Remediation

- Cybersecurity and technology product evaluations

- Security architecture development

- Technical assistance

- Risk management

- Hands-on guidance and technical support

Ready to better secure your security infrastructure? Want to know how a RISCPoint vCISO can help your organization? Get in touch with us below.

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